Alarm System

Alarm System

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Intelligent wall mounted sounder red wit

KAC’s wall mount sounder is a high quality loop powered device designed to alert building occupants of an emergency. It utilizes the System Sensor B501AP base for improved installation flexibility. When triggered by the fire panel its powerful sounder gives an audible warning. A choice of output levels and tones make the device suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Red add call point flush mounting glass

Call Points HM-MCP-GLASS
The call point is an addressable break glass manual call point which has a simple rotary decade switch at the rear of the unit for addressing.
A specialist test key may be inserted into the bottom of the unit to lower the glass and release the micro-switch and thus a full functional test is achieved.
The HM-MCP-GLASS Call Point is designed to provide a manual alarm interface to Morley IAS’s fire alarm control panel.

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